Dragon Blaze: First Impressions (Mobile)

Dragon Blaze: First Impressions (Mobile)

Mobile RPGs on the go.

So, After shifting through the play store (Though I’m pretty sure this is on iOS as well), I found something that ultimately I ignored at first, which was Dragon Blaze.
I was like whatever for a while until I found it again moseying on facebook. It was a small little video Ad showing some of the gameplay for it. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty damn sold on it.

¬†So here comes Dragon Blaze, an RPG mobile game published by Gamevil. I have my personal feelings about The company, but let it slide in favor of the gameplay. Anyways, From what I gathered so far it’s about you being some Divine being called a Bohen, and you are smack dab in the middle between Humans and Dragons? (Coming straight off the top of my head). So yea.. the story is.. meh for me at the moment.

The gameplay is what I cared about, and it satisfied me for the most part. Runs like a typical RPG, you get a set of skills, level them up, get equipment, gain allies, etc. There’s more than enough for you to micromanage. Also, in the terms of content.. Seems pretty solid so far. After playing it off and on for a few hours, it seems like there’s alot to offer for a mobile game. Also, they are VERY GENEROUS with giving you items, where you can have a solid team going within the first hour of play. ¬†Only thing that sucked for me was the Ads of $49.99 and $99.99 popping up what seemed like every few levels.

If you wish to download it, Look for “Dragon Blaze” in the Play Store, as Well as iOS

Video gives a decent idea of how it is.


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