Final Fantasy Brave Exvius First Impressions


Brave Frontier Evolved.

Now I’ve had it installed in my phone for a few weeks and I think it’s more than enough time to give my first impressions for the Game. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a RPG developed by Gumi and Published by Square Enix that follows the story of 2 Knights Finding out the mystery of the girl in the crystal. Your Main characters are Rain and Laswell, with later on you eventually meet the 3rd Protagonist Fina. The game’s format runs VERY similar to that of Brave Frontier (I mean.. it’s from the same company that made it lol), But it has a few differences that set it apart.

First off, it’s the cast Final Fantasy from previous installments (including tactics) with each of them having their own attack animation. Secondly they come equipped with skills and equipment which adds a bit of depth to the gameplay. Do you need heals? Do you need someone who can really Burst down enemies? Need a Tanky Character? it’s things you really consider with not only the characters, but their skills and equipment. Next they come with Summons known as Espers. they can be REALLY DAMAGING and add a additional set of skills to whomever you equip the esper to. The only one’s I’ve seen thus far have been Siren, Ifrit, Shiva, and some Rock Dude whose name escapes me. In a nice sum up there’s alot more customization to be had here.

Then… there’s the matter of a story. Without spoiling too much, 2 knights find and follow the girl in the crystal somewhere, things happened, and well…all of a sudden you gain powers (basically the ability to summon espers). There’s more to it but you will just have to download the game to find out. It’s oddly enough engaging for even a mobile game, but then again this is square we are talking about. At the time of writing the story is a little bit on the short side but were promises of updating the story in future updates. Gumi has a habit of trickling in small updates (right now they are just adding like 3 new characters every week or so), but will get to the big ones eventually.

I wouldn’t personally say it’s a con since the game is still relatively new in the US, but while the story is pretty solid, it seems to be a bit of a lack of content. Sure, you have the vortex dungeons, the Raid(ish) bosses, and the story missions themselves but.. once you run through them, you kinda scratch your head on what to do next. I mean of course train up your units and what not but, doesn’t seem like alot of variety at the moment. However, they get a pass because it literally just got released a few weeks ago.

The Game is Available in Google Play and iOS store For those who are interested on trying the game out.


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