Final Fantasy Brave Exvius set to get Player Vs Player Feature


PvP = Longevity

It wasn’t long ago I was sharing my impressions for Brave Exvius, but I happened upon this video this morning and it definitely put a smile on my face. It is showcasing what the PvP will be like, which looks roughly the same format that Brave Frontier uses. The only big difference I see is that you can actually control what your team does, opposed to having it all Auto Battle as a default. that looks nice but it seems like the enemy team auto attacks (looks more like they hit twice to have a bit of fairness for not being able to use their skills). Of course this is being shown in the JP version, so there’s confirmation that the Global Client will get it as well (…Just don’t have a date).

Peep the Video and letme know what you think


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