Smite’s Terra The Earth Mother Joins the Battlefield


She is going to break teams apart.

Hi-rez seems to have this “New God Reveal” deal going every 2 patches or so, in which I’m more than ok with. Terra: The Earth Mother is a Guardian that specializes high area damage and healing. Her character model looks a bit generic to me but her abilities…made me question if she will be OP out the gate. From what I gathered her 1 is a damage/Dash away move, her 2 is like a mini slow/ walling skill that does damage, her 3 is a AOE heal and DoT, and her 4 being a Map Wide Buff that heals allies. Heck, even the build they gave in the video makes complete sense (of course there’s the whole trial and error with her so…there’s that).

On paper she sounds OP as hell and some gods will have a hard time fighting her, but we shall see in the 3.14 Patch.


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