Wu’s Top 6 Zombie Games of All Time


My Top 6 Picks for the Best Zombie games of all Time.

We’ve all played them, they saturate the market somewhat, and…we seem to keep enjoying them. I mean sure.. I know that somewhere you may be tired of them, but you will always give it a look regardless. I’ve played a great variety of Zombie games, and while most of them are good.. there were 6 that really stood out to me. I mean.. some of them I could cop via Steam, others I would hope for a remaster but you know…one can still dream lol. Anyways here’s my list of the top 6 zombie games of all time:

Dead Rising

 photo Dead_rising1_zps1xca3x45.jpg

I had the opportunity to try this when it came out for the xbox 360 during its early days. I was just blown away by the sheer number of zombies that could be on the screen at 1 time. No other zombie game came close to something this magnificent at the time. Tie it in with our war story reporter Frank West trying to not only figure out what’s going on, but try to escape with his life in a manner of 72 hours. Frank had many weapons to his disposal which also was another highlight of the game (along with it’s weird yet funny humor).

Left 4 Dead

 photo left-4-dead1_zpsucbrbqxg.jpg

I originally wanted to get a 360 just for this game. Thanks for my bro letting me borrow his system for a few days, I had the opportunity to try this bad boy out. I mean sure…I was ignoring my girl (at the time, now an ex) to play it but it was time well worth it. Anyways the atmosphere seemed hella urban and you literally had to fight to get across the street. it was fun in that aspect, and was even more enjoyable with your friends. Now note I played alot more left 4 dead 2 but just loved the atmosphere of the 1st game so much more. It was the atmosphere and the cast of characters that really just stood out.

Resident Evil Revelations

 photo residentevilrevelations_zpsoghhl4py.jpg

Now I wasn’t able to play this until it was ported over to consoles. Actually, I bought this on a whim because around that time I needed something new to play. Man…I’m SO GLAD I copped this game when I did, because everything about it was just amazing. Let’s be clear, I had gotten Resident Evil 6 with the high hopes of it really going back to it’s roots with that next gen feel. Instead, I was treated to a average action game with not that much replayability after beating the story. I digress, as I want to talk about revelations, which is what RE6 SHOULD of been. Great story, creepiness factor definitely in check, low ammo, and you are on a boat full of B.O.Ws and God knows what else on it. This was a recipe for a great horror game. That and the fact it was very episodic (which tried this around the time of the walking dead), and that’s fine. Whenever you turned off the game and came back, it gave you a basic run down of what happened in the story up to the point where you last stopped…which blew my mind. definitely on the top of my list.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2

 photo nogoingbacktwds2_zpsgt9oeae2.jpg

Now this may come as a surprise, because I really really enjoyed Season 1 of the Walking dead. I can appreciate the fact that Lee had greatly impacted Clementine from the time they met up till the end of season 1 (you know keeping spoilers out… or at least trying to). Season 2 for me just impressed me further, simply because of all the things Clementine had to go through to reach the end.. even when you meet some VERY unexpected returning characters during the journey. There’s more zombies, alot more oh shit moments, and even tough choices that needed to be made. It’s definitely worth giving a try, though I suggest to play through season 1 first (to better understand more of what’s going on). While patiently awaiting for Season 3 to drop, there’s Michonne’s mini series that can tie you over in the meantime.

7 Days to Die

 photo 7-days-to-diewu_zpssoxj39nb.png

I remember trying this game out on stream in it’s alpha days. It was a game I didn’t know I needed in my life, but glad it happened. It was a zombie game mixed in with minecraft like elements. I mean sure you had the indie games that pretty much copied minecraft from top to bottom but 7DTD was a new entity entirely. At first it was just one map you could play on, before there was a random Gen map option. Even with this, there was just alot of enjoyment to be had. You craft yourself tools to gather materials, craft or find your weapons to help your survivability. The game would literally have a Horde of over 50-100ish zombies roam around the planes.. and they weren’t something you could do as a one man army. For those who played in the early days, the true fear came from those dogs. They were the fastest in the game and would chase you ALL around the map until they killed you. They weren’t unkillable, but more or less if it was 2 dogs you best get to running like a track-star. It was always more appealing to play with friends…but sometimes it was cool to play with randoms as well.

Resident Evil 2

 photo resi-2_zpsfvibz6l1.jpg

Man… this game and I have a long history. My pops originally bought the game and as a young kid it scared me shitless. it wasn’t until I was 14-15 that I could actually stomach playing the game without losing my mind and/or have nightmares. Long before youtube became the go-to for gaming guides and what not, you had to simply figure it out. That was the biggest draw at least for me, the art of figuring it out. You play as one of 2 Main characters Leon s Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Both eventually went on to make some type of appearance in a Resident Evil Game. But before they both became badasses, they were still green and wet behind the ears. Leon was just a rookie cop and Claire was just a young woman searching for her brother Chris redfield. When I tell you your ammo was limited…bruh you were making life decisions on wherever you would engage fighting the zombies in that next room or not. For those of you who learned the Knife trick, your ammo become plentiful. Back then I didn’t know it, so..it was life decisions everytime I was opening a door (that and not knowing what the fuck is behind it). It was that fear of the unknown that made it so much fun. While there’s still a remaster on its way and been confirmed by Capcom, the closest you can get to playing this bad boy is either on the PSN store, emulators, and steam (in which I think they ported it for PC)

And that’s Wu’s Top 6 Zombie Games of All time. This is purely my opinion as i’m sure your list may be a little (or alot) different. Let me know what you think of the list folks, or rather what’s your Top list of zombie games of all time?


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