Artist Spotlight: Zee Bee The Goofy Artist


The Goofy Self-Taught Manga Artist.

Zee Bee is one of those artist with her own unique style just pops when you see her artwork. She is the creator of the Comics of Shadow Guardian, Rose Petals & Dark He(ART). When she posts on IG, she posts the process of just having the picture drawn out to having it fully done in color. The characters she draws are all from the top of her head, drawing inspirations from various sources. She’s taught her self how to draw manga and I have to say, that’s pretty amazing for someone to able to do that. She’s also very social lady to her followers on her social media platforms, she even provides tips here and there on what she does, her process, etc.

If You want to find more about her artwork or simply want to follow her, Here’s her Instagram, Twitter, and her Twitch (She Actually Streams when she’s coloring in her pictures)

Here’s a few samples of her artwork:

ZeeBee4 photo Zeebee4_zpsjtjlnrhh.png

ZeeBee2 photo ZeeBee2_zpsedw4ggfn.png

ZeeBee1 photo ZeeBee1_zpsefudsueq.png


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