Tricky Towers First Impressions


Tetris with a Unique Twist

Seeing as the game was free I figured why not.. right? So going through this gaming drought, I was just looking for something new to play and this game..sigh…just happened to be one of them. From the previews I’ve seen it looked like a tetris-esque game, in which I was partially right. While it gets parts of tetris’s core elements, the twist here is stacking them to the top. In some modes you simply have to build up that can hold for about 3 seconds or so, then place a roof over it to finish the level. Another one gives you a certain amount of pieces and you have to make it work (oh, did I mention you can’t let anything fall?). It sounded easy on paper, until the computer decides “oh hey letme whip up some Black magic and make this piece huge as shit so the fun ensues.”

There’s another mode where like the other mode you are given a certain amount of pieces, but it most stay under the lazer in order to complete the level. It’s somewhat easy yet hard.. because you don’t know what your opponent can do. That was but a few modes that I’ve tried out, didn’t touch the multiplayer so I can only imagine that it’s chaotic (also, can’t comment on the servers). All in all, for me it’s not something I see myself playing long term, but it’s good for a play here and there.

Tricky Towers free as of today on the PSN store.


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