Limbless Playstation Gamer uses Chin and Shoulder to play


Gaming has no restrictions.

The internet is a vast and interesting place. In the mist of trying to find some news, I happened upon this video where they speak of a young 11 year old boy by the name of Tiyo Satrio from penawangan village (west java, Indonesia) who despite the defects, manages to keep a very upbeat attitude. On top of that, he seems to have an immense joy for video games as he plays his PS2 an awful lot. From the looks of it, he appeared to be playing Tekken 4 or 5, but i’m not certain (it’s really not that important). If you thought you had it bad, someone else has it worst…and it often rings true.

As you watch, you can see clearly that he doesn’t let it bother him at all and continue to live a normal life.


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