Pokemon Go is eating up Pokeballs

pokemon-go (1)

Because more bugs make the game go round >_>.

For the masses that are still playing pokemon go, there’s a massive bug that is making pokemon much MUCH harder to catch. I myself have experienced this when I’ve seen Pidgeys and Rattatas just busting out the pokeball like no one’s business. Also, they are very quick to run on you (this is even the case with the rarer and higher CP pokemon). The company Niantic are very much so aware of this issue and took to twitter to talk about it:

As you can see, they didn’t specify as to WHEN they will be able to bring out this fix…but at least they acknowledge that they are working on it. For now, I would just advice to not make it a habit to catch Pokemon..and simply go to Pokestops to stock up until they are able to fix this. Maybe perhaps while their at it they can fix the 3 step notification for the pokemon in your vicinity but, one problem at a time right folks?


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