Throwback Thursday: RROD Song Xbox 360


The Plague that swept alot of gamers back in 05′

For those who remember way back in the day, when the first generation of xboxs dropped, they had a HUGE heating issue. Everyone knew it as the “Red Ring of Dead” properly abbreviated to RROD. When your 360 caught this bad boy, normally you cursing and condemning the machine, beat the shit outta it, and complain about how you feel your money was wasted and figuring out how to replace it. Some would have luck getting a replacement via customer service of Microsoft but that was few and far between.

Naturally, the internet got a hold of this way back…and sure there were many fan-made songs made about it. However, the one that was the most remembered in my opinion was the one that uses the instrumental from Omarion’s Ice Box. Since it’s thursday, I thought it would be nice to show it as a throwback.


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