Do you remember Dungeon Fighter Online?


This is a Gem you need to hop on to.

For those who may or may not know, the original Dungeon fighter way back when was shut down some time ago. The original hosting company, Nexon…just wasn’t seeing the numbers they would of hoped for (even though it had a very active and thriving community that paid), so.. they cut their losses. However, it’s not all gloom and doom, as in early 2015 the actual developers of the game decided to re-release and host it themselves for the west audience once more. The game released around March-april-ish of last year. Well why would I bring it up now? That’s easy my dear folks, Ads.

Browsing on Youtube, I saw a ad for Dungeon Fighter and decided to click on it for old times sake. Seems to me they are still doing very well. I played this when it went into beta, but didn’t get far due to work and other endeavors. They dropped the female slayer class sometime after I stopped up until now. For those who have seen this style of gameplay done on browsers before, they ALL got that concept from Dungeon Fighter in which is the much better option.

I encourage you when you have time to please check the game out, as it is fun arcade RPG that surprisingly has a little depth to it. If you wish to play the game, check it out here


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