Thunderbolt Fantasy may be the New Hotness!


You be surprised how lit this show really is.

As I moseyed on around on facebook, I couldn’t help but look at some of the videos friends share on their walls. One that caught my interest was a 5 or so minute clip of puppets really out there fighting it out. At the end of this 5 minutes, I came equipped with so many questions like:”Bruh what is this? Puppets? must be an old show, wait they are fighting? why is this so lit? what’s the name of this show? damn dude died, does the girl live? what happens next?? WHAT IS THIS SHOW NAMED??” After doing some research, come to find out it’s a new show that’s come out, Thunderbolt Fantasy.

From what I gathered it’s about a family protecting a sacred weapon and some organization known as the Xuan Gui Zong is after it. The lady Dan Fei who is the survivor of the clan who is set to protect it eventually finds some unlikely allies, Gui Niao (the name he goes by, there’s more than him than meets the eye), and Shuan bu Huan. There’s more to this story but should you decide to watch, the story is relatively easy to follow. At the time of writing, the show does have an English Sub and is on episode 5. I feel on the lowest of keys this could be the next One Punch Man, but don’t take my word for it. View the clip and tell me you aren’t interested to watch more:

P.S: I believe this is on Crunchyroll.. but I’m sure you have your sources for your anime viewing pleasure.


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