Resident Evil 7 Gameplay


Wanted to get it over with.

Nearly everyone has already played it and is very much so old news. That’s fine, because I finally got around to not only play it… but also Stream it as well. Part of why it took so long to play it was due to the issues I was having with actually streaming the game. It was a very short stream due to…reasons. You can come to your own conclusions when you watch the video. This is a 13 min ish video so…if you want grab yourself a little bite to eat and come back and give it a watch.

As for my plans to play Resident Evil 7 in the future, I would have to see more of what the actual main story is all about. No information was dropped on it yet apart from hearing that the demo isn’t a representation of the full game, but rather give you a teaser as the direction they are trying to go in.


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