Berserk Guts Gameplay looks familiar.


Guts out there tearing down demonic forces

This is something else I found in my travels as well. Showing off some of Guts moveset in the game Koei droppin, Berserk. As mentioned in the other post, I don’t speak any japanese so I’m just making guess work lol. From the looks at it, it’s clear they are using their dynasty warrior moveset assets. The way Guts swings his sword is much as he does in the show, but.. I see glimpses of Xiahou Ba and Guan Ping’s Greatsword moveset (Not that it’s a bad thing, use what you got). I mean, it’s from the same company that makes the Dynasty warrior and Samurai warrior series…so it makes sense that they would be pulling assets.

I just hope they add alot more variety to the game, because right now it’s looking nothing more than a Dynasty re-skin. But that’s just my thoughts folks.


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