New Samurai Warriors On the Horizon?


We may see this in the West early 2017.

I ended up finding this on a bit of an accident but I’m glad that I did. I don’t speak Japanese or anything so.. there’s not much I can do to decipher. What I can make out are but a few things: This is years after the Samurai Warriors story line (I want to say after 4). Also, it shows Yukimura has definitely grown up and looks established as a warrior. I have no idea who the flag dude is, so I’m guessing a new character. Could it be possible that Yukimura Sanada took over the Takeda or left to further build the Sanada army?

Only time will tell. This is coming out in Japan in 11/23…so my speculation we could be getting this in the US roughly around march/april-ish of 2017. Don’t quote me though.


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