Hello Games mmmmm Oh my Gawd. (No Man’s Sky caught in a lie)


When people have evidence they caught you in a lie.

So moseying around on twitter, I found this little gem. This Gem is golden because so much up till the launch of No Man’s Sky, have we heard talks through numerous interviews that there was suppose to be a multiplayer feature. Part of the draw of the game was because it was so massive, that playing with our friends would be the next best options, you know.. kinda like how Minecraft gave that feature from the jump. I apologize for making the comparison but, when you tell people you are going to add something, and then slowly be like “Nah Fam” when YOU SAID YOU WAS GOING TO ADD IT… you look a little suspect.

Now is the game itself solid? I have no idea, I have’t played it myself but a few friends who have gotten their hands on No Man Sky says its a deep and satisfying experience. From what I saw from streams, the most notable one was watching a guy drop down on a planet, farm for like 30 seconds, and spends the next hour getting gunned down by sentinels and God knows what else on the planet…and getting his thrusters damaged so he can’t even leave the planet. That sounds like fun times…but anyways peep the Video of Sean Murry “Why the fuck you lying”:


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