Just Cause Drops Their Sea Heist Expansion

just-cause-3 sea expansion

Gotta clapback on the Eden Corporation

For the few that own Just Cause 3, be ready to fire the game back up again. The folks over at Square had just recently dropped their newest expansion, Bavarium Sea Heist. From the first few seconds of the trailer, it looks as if they took some ques from Metal gear Solid 2 and 5 (in terms of the bases). Of course, Just Cause wouldn’t be the game that they are unless they put their own twist on things. Eden Corporation is like “look fam, we going to have this offshore facility and we want to control the weather and some shit like that.”

What’s your job? to go over and blow shit up like the game always implies. I’ve played Just Cause 2 when it was on Sale on stream and I have to say.. what little I played I was very impressed. I’m taking the shot to say Just cause 3 is all that plus more.

Anyways enough of me, check the trailer out. This goes for 5.99 by itself and 24.99 for the Land, Air, and Sea packs:

Besides… how can you say no to this? Endless hours of fun:

Just Casuing it photo jc3lovelyunderwatertractor_zpsqrzmawh9.gif


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