Mafia III Shows off their City Districts

Mafia III

You Can’t say this isn’t a day 1 Cop.

Mafia III was one of those games I definitely kept my eye on ever since they dropped the first trailer. I’m happy for the fact that gaming is getting more diverse and we are having more Black Protagonist (not forgetting the ones that came before him). I just think it’s nice to have one that isn’t the first to die and what not (the running joke for movies and sometimes games).

Of course there’s a bit of controversy surrounding the game but I’m glad 2k games is standing their ground by telling a story of what really went on during that time and Lincoln Clay’s story. In this later trailer, they are showcasing a bit of the City districts of New Bordeaux as to what they are and what really goes on behind  (or in front) of the Scenes. This is definitely One of of those day one cops for me, as the story is compelling enough for me to warrant the buy.

Mafia III releases On your respective systems, PS4, Xbox1, and PC on October 7th. Now lets just hope that the game doesn’t launch isn’t garbage:


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