Overwatch Sombra May be the New Hero


Who..or what is it?

You’ve heard the rumors, and to be fair we all thought she was going to the original new hero. When we heard that Ana (pharah’s Mother) dropped, it kinda eliminated the possibility that she was actually Sombra. So people have been doing nothing but speculating as to what the new Hero could be, and when can expect some type of release date.

Well, the folks over at IGN have compiled data that was gathered from a few reddit users that perhaps Blizzard has been leaving clues in the game to give you a some type of idea of the new hero. The information they found was interesting enough to warrant sharing it with you. There’s speculation that she could be dropping after the Summer Games Event is over, or perhaps that maybe Sombra is a stealth/hacker type character.

Who knows really, but I would say find out more watching the video. My money is on the 23th Of August based on the information given but again who knows:


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