TheBlackHokage out there Holding the City Down


The HTC Hive Finally works.

He is actually one of my favorite Youtubers and watch his and GI videos whenever they are dropped. The man is at 607K subs and deserves much more, but not enough people are doing their part of Like, Commenting, Subbing, and sharing the video as he makes it apparent which contributes to growth on his channel.

In his latest video he is showcasing one of the free Steam games for VR, Jeeboman and it’s a very entertaining watch. if you heard and/or seen him before then you know what to expect, and if not…well you are about to be a new subscriber. Help this man grow because he’s one of the few Youtubers that are actually Authentic.

What I mean is, what you see in the youtube videos is about what you get if you were to meet him in person. I personally haven’t met him in person yet, but I get the vibe that’s just who he is. Anyways have a look at the video:


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