What’s going on with Shenmue III?


Let us hear somethin guys, and where that remaster at?

We got that big announcement about a kickstarter for the interest in the game in E3 2015. As expected, that project was funded by the end of the next day. Many people have been dying to get their hands on a sequel.

Currently it’s funded at 6.3 Million Dollars, in which it’s surprising that people have that type of money to throw around but I digress. Anyways one leads to question “Yo whats good with Shenmue III? we haven’t heard anything really since E3 2015.” Welp, the last update on kickstarter was on July 29, in which The Game Director of Shenmue I, Keiji Okayasu is joining the production team.

That’s wonderful news as I’m hopeful we get more of that old school magic that made the first 2 games so great. Also, I question when they are going to drop a remastered version of Shenmue I and II but…no word of it yet.



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