Witcher 3 is getting a Complete Edition


And drumroll….a Release Date as well! Must Cop

This is a must cop as this was dubbed one of the Best games to come out of 2015. I’m still over here slacking as I’ve had the game for a few months but haven’t picked it up because of other games (*cough* Smite and Overwatch *cough*). For those who didn’t have a chance to get into the game in its entirely.

Yes, that means you get all the DLC (paid and free) on the disc. Which is great.. because the amount of gameplay stems well over 100+ Hours of gameplay. With an very immersive story, deeply satisfying gameplay, and the amount of strategy you must prep for your kills is easy to see why this game has won many awards. It’s basically a love letter to gamers who like a little challenge with an engaging story that may have you wanting to pick up the books to get more deeply immersed into the lore (or so I’ve been told).

Peep the Trailer Game Drops August 30th:


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