Destiny The Collection, Will you buy?


For those who haven’t bought DLC a day in their life.

So I know I said It would be tomorrow until I posted something, but I had a tiny bit of time on my hands. Destiny looks to be taking all of it’s DLC and clumping it together into one. Now for all those who complained about the DLC costing way too much collectively, Destiny the Collection is here to fix that right on up.

Also, to be clear, it comes with the Rise of Iron DLC (and the pre-orders of the OP gjhallarhorn and a sparrow). I know there’s still a good amount of people that say that Destiny sucks and no one is playing it but… If you look at the numbers and the amount sold… yea, there’s still alot of people playing the game. I personally don’t play much anymore but, Rise of iron may make it worth it who knows.

Anyways, Peep the trailer. Destiny The Collection comes out September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.


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