Girl wears a T-Shirt and loses her Job


But…why tho?

Still I’m trying to figure out how this is even remotely possible.. but the every culture is different I suppose. You would figure in a country that idolizes gaming as much as a sport as we idolize football, basketball, etc…this wouldn’t be an issue. However, as said before every culture is different and the backlash literally costed her well paying job.

An Actress by the by the name of Kim Jaeyeon had tweeted an image of her wearing this shirt (See Cover Photo), and apparently people weren’t too happy about it. It was enough for her to lose her job. Now, why would I share this? because she was one of the voice actors for a Game called “Closers”. Still hasn’t come to America yet but you know, playing the patient game.

Anyways, what makes this story even more fucked up, is that Nexon.. the people that published the game were receiving alot of complaints from the female activist (would love to know who they were). Anyways they were tagging this photo as “offensive” and “anti-women”. Nexon didn’t even bother to defend Jaeyeon and just up and fired her. Now I have no idea what the South Korean branch of Nexon has, but I know this isn’t the first they have been under some scrutiny dealing with their product but I digress.

This seems to be a movement made by a feminist group known as Megalia, who are fighting to have equality and what not.. especially in the gaming industry. If you view the source, you will see their Logo from one of their campaigns that really jab at Korean men at their tool sizes. It’s a pretty interesting read and one you should take a look at.

Oh yea, I added some Closers online gameplay for those who wondered what the game is. It’s basically if elsword (or grand chase) got together with dungeon fighter, this would most likely be their child:



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