Tekken 7 Lee Chaolan steps back in the ring


One does not simply Forget about Lee Chaolan

I can’t tell you how HYPED I am for this. I’ve been rocking with Lee since the first Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2. He just felt comfortable for me to use, though I haven’t taken the time out to master the bread and butter combos. May have to make that a chore to do and put Feng to the side (my other main).

Anyways, the folks over at Bandai-Namco had dropped a character trailer for him and I must say, he’s every bit of deadly as he was in previous installments. I mean I already had a feeling he was going to be in the game but, the fact they dropped a trailer confirms it for me. As for the release date, it’s specified at the end of the video as early 2017 but haven’t nailed down a solid date as of yet.

If you ask me, this runs me as something that could either be a February or March release range (makes sense around there). But who knows folks.. lets just admire the greatness that is Lee though:


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