Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Looks Live

watchdogs-2 multiplayer

Looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 in Watch Dog’s World.

I haven’t played the first Watch Dogs so I can’t really comment from a personal perspective. From what I did hear is that the game is pretty ok and not all that rememberable. I suppose that is fine since this game looks to be a whole different beast within itself.

At their Gamescom showing, they were showcasing what they are bringing to the multiplayer arena. From the looks of it, it looks much of the same but with a added bonus of actually playing with friends. It looks cool and all but will be something that is fully fleshed out or feel like it’s tacked on? That and it’s Ubisoft (I’ll just leave that alone for now).

Find out if this game is worth your time to try it out…because trailer wise it does look worth it:


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