Graham Shaw can Teach anyone how to draw.

graham shaw folks

Get your paper and pencil…seriously he’s the real deal.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that people can’t draw and that they can only draw stick figures. I too used to believe that up until I found this unique video from Ted talks. A Man by the name of Graham Shaw breaks the myth and makes a claim that he can literally teach anyone how to draw.

Now please note, it’s not going to be like fantastic Marvel or DC comic superheroes, or hell even some of the anime you watch…but it gives you a nice start and a bit of fundamentals built right on into it. I personally have learned a thing or 2 from the video and I feel somewhat confident in my artwork.

I will say this Video is 15 minutes long…so grab some snack or grab your dinner (but I promise you this is more than worth it). Oh..and get out a paper and pencil, you going to learn today:


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