Back in the day: Megaman Battle Network Series

EPSON scanner image

The Good ol days of Megaman Battle Network Series

I remember when I bought the first megaman battle network game on accident ( I believe I was trying to buy pokemon and they were out of stock). It looked kinda cool but wasn’t entirely sure on how it all worked. But as I played through it and understood the mechanics.. it was a very deep and satisfying ¬†experience. The story was meh, but the gameplay made up for that.

Fast forward to when they dropped Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue and White version. Around this time I hipped my brother to it and over time became a BIG fan of the series. Matter of a fact we spoke about this a few days ago which lead me to bring this up in the form of a post. It sucked fighting my brother because he would purposely infect his megaman using Dark chips and it became a chore to fight. The Dark Chips take it’s toll on Megaman and eventually corrupt him, with the owner losing literal control of him. In exchange for the loss of control, he gains some rather OP properties Like invisibility, using random chips, etc.

It wasn’t that bad considering your health would drop considerably while megaman is corrupted..but he could normally delete you before he would die..which is what made it such a chore to fight. Anyways, the series have created alot of fun and memorable moments. The last one that dropped was MMBN 6 with the cyberbeast and what not. I personally haven’t finished it yet but plan to via emulator.

To give you an Idea of how the game went, this was a clip of a guy expertly operating Megaman through the bosses of MMBN 5 Team Colonel:


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