So lets talk about that Playstation Plus Increase.


People bent out of shape over the Price Change.

This really shouldn’t be a discussion but for some reason.. it is. For those of you that know or don’t know, Sony decided to raise the prices for their Playstation Plus subscriptions. You know, it’s going from $49.99 to $59.99 for the 1 year and the $19.99 to$24.99 for the 3 months. the monthly is still $9.99 so that much isn’t changing.

So I peeped this during my travels (and also viewing some conversations about it on Facebook and Twitter) and for me personally.. I don’t see an issue with it. A good portion of people have been complaining for the price changes that are going into effect on September 22nd and I’ve yet to understand why. It would seem to me that the gaming community as a whole (especially consoles players) want to get more for less.

What people fail to understand that though they are in the business of entertainment and what not…they are still a BUSINESS. The small price increase shouldn’t even bother you and if it does, you might want to start hustling to make sure you have enough to make the payment. Now, I’ve heard some people were saying “well, if they increase the price..what are they changing to justify this?”

The answer is relatively simple…incentive for a longer term investment. Most people complain about the free games they drop every month. However, if they have more money to where they still break in profit…they can grab better quality games alongside the indie game every month. You may not see it initially but over time you will see the quality vastly improve.

They are in the business to making money yes, but if they ask for more and deliver more down the line…then well no one will really say anything else on the matter. I mean, we as consumers allowed the $49.99 to $59.99 pricing, Season Passes, and DLC plans that is becoming a staple. Im perfectly fine with this pricing change and..I mean you can buy a year’s subscription while it’s still cheaper now so have at it.


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