Snails Games announces development of Age of Wushu 2


Snail Games, Thank you

I have to give credit to my friends for sending me this information. Age of Wushu was an mmo that had WONDERFUL PVP…but PVE was basically non-existent. But I digress because that never bothered me personally, as I just went around and fought other people until my heart was content. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Jet Li himself was backing and endorsing the first Age of Wushu game? yup, that happened as well.

Anyways Snail Games announced at the gaming expo ChinaJoy2016 which took place at the end of July. I was hoping that maybe somewhere they would of dropped a trailer but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s cool though, because the fact they announced it is progress. Does anyone remember the first Age of Wushu? Are you excited to see a sequel? Lets talk about it folks.

Oh and here’s some gameplay from the first Age of Wushu..a duel between members of the Rootless Clan:


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