PSN is down, But it’s claimed by Poodlecorp?

PSN is Down

EA isn’t the only servers being hit sadly.

So like any other person who owns a console, I wanted to get on and play a game or 2 with my friends. When i tried to log on, there seemed to of been an issue with my logging in. Alright, no problem.. ran a test and says Playstation is down for maintenance.

Alright fam, say no more as i’m off to Netflix for about an hour or so. I come back after that to log back in, there’s still an issue with logging in. Ok, at this point I’m feeling like this just isn’t a maintenance anymore…so I do a bit of research. As I look around alot of big outlets are reporting that PSN is down and what not..but that’s not exactly what caught my eye.

As I kept strolling through the comments, a name that kept coming up was a User (or possibly a group) named “Poodlecorp”. I go to check them out because all I could think was “who the hell are they?” and what I found is basically this: A supposed second coming of lizard squad.

They claimed they attacked and brought down the EA servers for the battlefield 1 beta…and are also claiming for taking down PSN as well. What really irks my nerves is they “supposedly” stopped attacking because they put it on Keemstar to give them an interview. To be real I honestly think they just playing up on an inopportune time that the servers are going down.

Then again, they could very well be behind the attacks…which is sad that a bunch for kids or grown men with nothing better to do with their time but to attack people’s fun (you know, to wind down from work). At the time of writing this the PSN servers appear to be up but there’s a MASSIVE amount of users with logging in.┬áThis I know will be a developing story and see in the coming weeks what happens.


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