Allison Road Returns?


She saying you can’t get rid of her that easy.

I’m sure you guys remember Allison Road being toted as “PT’s Spiritual successor” and what not right? WELP, they are coming right on back…or more like the creator is bringing it back like it never left. To give a bit of a backdrop, Allison Road originally started as a kickstarter, like any other game company trying to receive funds to create their dream.

They were able to raise $145,949 dollars out of the $250K goal 3 weeks in. Fast forward a little and they team up with a Publishing company known as Team 17. For those of you who don’t know who Team 17 is, they are the created and/or published games like The escapist, the Worm series, Alien breed, and even the OlliOlli2: XL edition

Something happened between his former company and the publisher, which lead to the cancellation of the game June 4th 2016. However none of that matters now as he has the flame in him to finish what he started. He spoke with IGN having this to say:

“It did take a bit of soul searching to find the drive again to work on Allison Road and to simply make a call on what to do next,” Kesler told IGN. “After the set back, I took a bit of a break from working on it and re-evaluated all the work that had been done so far — the whole journey, so to speak. I started making a few (in my opinion) necessary changes to the story and the flow, little bits and pieces here and there, and before I knew it, it sort of naturally came back to life.”

There’s currently no date for the game, however if given the chance to speculate I would imagine somewhere between 2017-2018.



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