Star Citizen, The Game No Man’s Sky Could of Been.

I know that’s a rather bold statement but it’s really the truth. No man’s Sky isn’t what most people have hoped and is receiving a massive backlash for feeling lied to and not upholding what was originally promised. This would include but not limited to the multiplayer aspect that was promised, the E3 demo of how vast and immerse the world was vs. what people got at launch,etc etc.

I could go on and on about that, but Star citizen is what really takes the show. At their Gamescom showing, they release close to an hour of alpha Demo of how the game has been coming along so far. I originally knew of this game through a youtuber by the name of “GamingEthos”, and have been checking it out every now and again.

What I find even more amazing in the comments section of the demo, even though it’s in alpha, they are mistaking it for it being a finished game. That alone really speaks volumes. As I’ve said before, this is about an hour in length so.. this is the “I’mma grab something to eat and watch a Movie” type of video. You’ve been warned (Disclaimer: you may fall in love with game):


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