Xenoverse 2 Content Is About To Be On Point.


You going to be stuck in this game for a minute.

You know, when you are sitting there watching Dragon Ball Super, you can’t help but think “Man I wish I could play a game that had something similar going on, that would be dope.” Well, Xenoverse 2 is meant to fit that void and I must say.. with all this gameplay they are showing, it looks to do it very well.

If you played Xenoverse 1, then you already have an idea as to what to expect from the game but to those that don’t, allow me to go ahead and put it in perspective for you: You get to create your own character. Matter fact the whole game is centered around your created character. Down below are some clips of a pre-made character but to give you a glimpse on some of the content that you will be able to get your hands on October 25, 2016


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