Back in the Day: Legends of Legaia

Back in the Day: Legends of Legaia

The Gem that was overlooked due to FF7

People may or may not remember this game (Final Fantasy VII  was overshadowing anything that was an RPG), but I have to say this was really one of those games that stood out for me. Small backdrop story, When I was young.. I came down with some serious illness. Pops was like “When you get better, we’ll go out to best buy and buy you something.” Well guess who magically got better that day? lol. I was in the store and I had a choice on wherever I could get Legends of Legaia or a memory card. Of course I opted for the game, and it was the best choice ever.

What really stood out for me was not just the story, but the combat system. You could literally put your own attacks into it.. and pending on the order.. would give you special moves. I still believe Down, Right, Right is power punch, or Left, right right for Tornado flame for Vahn (leave me alone, I remembered some of the moves lol). It was something about that innovation that gave the game its own charm. I mean you have magic in the form of pokemon….but for the most part the combat system was nice.

This writing only existed because I looked up a video of someone playing it while my friend was getting singing advice lol. I won’t lie.. alot of the time when I see the Lets plays, I be calling them out like: “No.. use Gaia to Heal, he doesn’t have enough bar to pull a strong combo off, Let Vahn and Noa spirit and then attack next turn.” I’m so serious about it, I just want to be playing the game haha. But enough speaking, here’s a video of some gameplay for it:


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