Is it Worth downloading Fire Emblem Heroes?


If you love Strategy, Download this ASAP!

I know, it’s been a while…but lets go ahead and jump into the gaming side of things shall we? Fire Emblem Heroes is that new hotness that has dropped in the IOS and play store roughly a month ago. Me being a recent Fire Emblem fan (dabbed into Fire Emblem Fates but never got around to finishing it), I thought hell why not…it’s free. 3 Hours later I was still trying to find the time to put my phone down so I can you know.. take care of responsibilities and shit.

Is it worth downloading Fire Emblem Heroes?

The battles are very fast pace and won’t last longer than 5 minutes (Really, you can blaze through it, it’s meant to be on the go), and it seems very satisfying. The triangle Advantage system is present, adding the colorless units as well (Ninja, Archer, Healer, etc). The cast of characters are from you guessed it, previous Fire Emblem titles (even some you may or may not of Heard of). As for Gems, you can get them rather easily and don’t really have to put any money in this game to be halfway decent.

As for the PvP, it’s basically computer controlled, with hopes of them fixing that into live PvP later (really on a hope and a prayer. This is just my opinion on it, but I ultimately encourage you to download this game and give it a try.


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