Video Games for Ice Cream? Really?

Gaming and politics: we haven't gotten along in a while.

Gaming and politics: we haven’t gotten along in a while.

Before I even remotely get into the subject, shoutouts for Rich from ReviewTechUSA for the information. A recent video has dropped explaining there’s some type of policy being passed around in ┬áNorthern California (I believe Marin county is what was called), where you can trade your violent video games (M raiting) and/or toy guys.. for ice cream. But it’s not just any Ice Cream… it’s Ben & Jerrys.. which makes it worth all the difference. I’m not going to lie to you.. this is the stupidest thing I have heard in a while (but with the internet it’s to be expected). This is a slap in the face for the general public, as well as gamers.

For anyone not doing the math and saying “whats wrong with this? I can trade in those stupid games for some nice Ice Cream.” This is where in which case I say stop it and have several seats please. The Average game is.. Oh I dunno.. $60 dollars (if we are throwing in tax, roughly 63-64 dollars), and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream runs for about 4 dollars. Don’t worry… You don’t have to pull out a calculator, as I’ve taken the liberty of doing the Math for you.

64/4 = 16 Ice Creams. <—–

So to them, they are saying:

Trade X amount of games… for 1 piece of Ice Cream (so size was specified.. and even so.. that doesn’t matter.)

What makes this worst is that the Gamestops in the area are participating in this. It would make sense if they were games made in 2010 or earlier, then the trade doesn’t seem that bad. but let’s assume you wanted to magically sell your games for ice cream (magically), You have a better chance of selling the game and taking the 20% off if you were getting the credit in cash, than you would trading the game from the jump and getting a cup of ice cream. I digress, because this is really just a political move, not a smart one…but a move none the less. Like mentioned in the video, it irks me to no end that the gaming community is the target for many things, the main one being “Violent video games make violent people”. As if there weren’t 100s of test disproving this theory wasn’t out there, still they wish to take a stab at it anyways.

Letme know what you think about this Policy

WARNING!! Turn your speakers down around 1:23, he does yell for a split second but after that you’re fine.


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