“Gaming for Money”, The dream of many Gamers.

Between solid ways to make money gaming and my personal experiences.

Between solid ways to make money gaming and my personal experiences.

I have to be honest, when I first heard of this…My mind was utterly blown. The only one I remember was a Halo player by the name of “Walshy” who was getting payed $250,000+ to sit on his ass and play Halo for a team called “Final Boss”. Learning this, I figured well shit.. I need to go find me a game, find me a team, and try to make money off this thing. Since it’s alot to speak on, I’ll try to short story my personal journey in a timeline:

"Gaming for Money", The dream of many Gamers.

2008: Metal Gear Solid 4 dropped, and I wasn’t ashamed to sell my Xbox360 for it. I found a team out of a random game who was doing GB around that time. I missed alot of matches, but the ones I did make we ended up winning. However, in that same year.. there were alot of internal affairs in the team and everyone parted ways.

"Gaming for Money", The dream of many Gamers.

2010: Staring my first year in Community College, and I was award a new 360 as a “congratz” to making it to college. It came with Halo reach, so I did what I could to try to play professionally with it. That kinda went to the way side and then Black Ops dropped, so I tried there as well. While my friends were having talks of going professional, it ended as just that…just talking about it.

2011: We had another talk about a local tourny coming up, and while we were about to go.. the fault was actually my own. Having a Girlfriend and having a not so happy situations between her that needed to be solved. I wasn’t able to go and they didn’t go either. That marked about the last time anyone spoke about going pro.

"Gaming for Money", The dream of many Gamers.

2014 (early-mid): I was spoke to by my longtime childhood friend that I should probably give League of Legends a try. I mean, I knew of LoL having as high as a 5 Million dollar pot tournaments and I did play for a little bit, but lost interest quickly.

Now for League of Legends, I actually like the game.. or rather the Genre as a whole. But coming in with nearly 200ish champions it’s like….I have NO idea who does what, who is weak or strong, what runes go for which character, which builds, what lanes they are strong for them, etc etc. The list goes on and on. I remember looking online and eventually came upon Smite, which I’ve been playing ever since. To me, it’s an excellent place for a beginner to be (Though some say that Heroes of The Storm would also be recommended for beginners as well).

"Gaming for Money", The dream of many Gamers.

Where am I getting at tho? Is that there a multiple venues for which you can make money in the industry. Playing games is obviously one BIG way to make some money, but please note that it does take ALOT of hours of getting your skills up. On top of that, getting recognized by somewhat reputable organizations (or start your own if you are into that type of thing lol) is a task within itself. Another way to make money is Streaming via Twitch/Hitbox.

I know of one particular girl who makes her living off of donations and subscription fees off Twitch..so it can definitely be done. The only thing I didn’t like about her personally is when she was playing a match of Hearthstone, she messaged a guy to give up when he was CLEARLY in the lead. But because she’s a girl, Boom he gave up (and it’s safe to say I never watched her stream again after that). Another would be a guy who was in the US Army and had a passion for gaming (I forgot his name, but he did state a while ago he now makes a solid living off it).

"Gaming for Money", The dream of many Gamers.

So there’s streaming, and then there’s Youtube. There’s a good handful of people who make good money of youtube, the BIG one being PewDiePie. Now, I’m not really a fan of his work, but I can’t deny he the hard work he put in and the amount of money he makes from just doing what he does best, entertaining his audience with his videos. Others can comment that they do make a reasonable sum of money, but not enough to live off of (though the extra money is always nice).

"Gaming for Money", The dream of many Gamers.

My personal opinion, I probably would take you streaming/Youtube only because I wouldn’t be confined to playing just ONE game for hours on end. I’m able to do it yes, but in some right I would want to play something else. I’m simply making it known there are multiple ways to make money via gaming, but for me personally, it’s either the lack of equipment at the moment or the drive to keep going…even when I lose interest for a while.


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