RPGs: Lost in the Middle


That feeling when you don't remember whats going on.

That feeling when you don’t remember whats going on.

I know everyone must of experienced this type of feeling before. You play one of your RPGs and am deeply grabbed by the story. However, somewhere along the line there is a time where you need to put the controller/keyboard down to go handle business wherever. This type of business lasts quite a while and when you eventually come back, you have little to no idea what’s going on. Not only that, but you forget what skills do what and if you’re in a highly volatile areas…yea that isn’t happening.

It’s a plague that has happened to many of gamers, including myself. On one end, it’s like you have a little bit of fun starting over and having a grasp of whats going on, while the other being you have to log in more hours to get back to that point. Now it doesn’t just happen in RPGs, but it’s often the most prominent. The only game I know of that filled you in on whats going on, was a game by the name of Resident Evil: Revelations. I’ve had my times where I haven’t played it for a few weeks, but when I came back.. it would update me what I did previously, right up to where you were at. If only this feature was carried on into future games, I wouldn’t be so scared to take a break from that game for too long.

Have you ever had a time where you forgot what you were doing in an RPG? what about other games? Let me know in the comments Below!


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