Gamer’s Mentalities, Words of Failure

The hell is wrong with this Generation?

The hell is wrong with this Generation?

I’ve been gaming since I was 3 (so 20+ years to be exact) and have seen and heard a whole bunch of shit in my journey. Through the teens, I only ever known of Gamers ever being in my neighborhood, with this drive of “whatever I play, I play to win”. Somewhere I moved and got introduced to the internet (where my online gaming Journey had began). 8 years in, I’ve made quite a load of friends…as well as making a few enemies as well. You’re probably wondering “alright dude but… what’s the point you are getting at?”

Where I’m getting at is the Gamer’s Mentalities. I’ve came from a place of whatever I play, I play to win to demonstrate my skill as a player. Other gamers however (preferably the younger generation) seem to give up 10 times quicker when it starts becoming hard. What spurred me to even write this piece was a particular game of Smite. I was playing Arena and got teamed up with a bunch of randoms (I finished my “First Win” daily, I just played for fun at that point). Anyways, as we got into the game there was initial complaining because someone wanted to play a New God that just dropped (basically this person picked the God as soon as we all got to the select screen. Instalock for the win?). Alright whatever, not a big deal…I simply wanted to win so I cared less for the picks.

As the game kept going, they became more in terms of “we will lose this game” and gave themselves reasons on why they will. If you play MOBAS then you’ll understand this:

* (Insert player) is being fed, we can’t beat them
* They are running OP Gods
* This and that character is the best, any other character sucks.
* My team doesn’t have my back, even tho I blindly walked into the enemy team (normally Assassins) and expect my team to risk their lives and bail me out.
* If I die to someone, it’s never my fault. it’s ALWAYS the other teams.
* Lag
* The player who keeps killing them, is using an OP god, had help (in at team game? oh my that’s unheard of) or using cheap tactics (aka the way the character is meant to be played)
* Etc

Now some of these applied to MOBAS, while others applied across the board(Anything having to compete with other players basically). It’s funny I see the mentality of the players giving up so easily, which makes it easier to win in my opinion. Attack their mind, not them…and you about won the game every time <- pro tip lol. I simply don’t get it, why do the younger generation speak so negatively about how a game is going to turn out? I’m not saying it’s everyone, but a good percentage of them have this give up mentality.

I’ve played 2 games this morning on Smite that we clearly WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO WIN, PERIOD. Our makeup was horrible, and when we started both times we had lost a player or 2 (it would be 4v5 or 3v5 at times). But since everyone was determined to win, we not only held them at bay, but we kept making small pushes little by little. Before you know it, we ended up winning the game. At no time did anyone speak words of failure in our games, but instead used that time to put in work to win, like we originally suppose to do.

People who have been gaming about as long as me (20+ years) doesn’t seem to have this issue, but the younger generation.. seems more prominent than anything else. I surely hope they don’t carry that mentality in their daily lives, because they would freeze up in this cold world we live in. *Save as draft*


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